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Nutting Peanut Butter

Nutting is a peanut butter brand established by two successful nutritionist women based in Istanbul. They were very enthusiastic about creating healthy products which appeals to both eye and the stomach. We were asked to design this colorful brand that represents their joyful personalities. The main goal was to create a fun and energetic brand identity with an eye catching packagings.Inspired from organic shapes and illustrations, we designed 4 different jar labels. We included illustrations of ingredients and a vibrant color palette specific to each product. We also made character illustrations representing our clients and incorporated it into the designs. Since the overall packaging designs are quite bold, we used the typography in a minimal way. We preferred a san serif clean font for the logo and combined it with a modern serif font on the products. The idea of dripping top labels was an original touch on this project. We also designed stickers and a thank you card using our fun elements.This project came up to be exactly how we imagined it. This is definitely on of the works that represents our taste and design esthetic in a best way.

​Hope you enjoy checking out this work as much as we do!


Branding & Packaging

Client / Nutting Peanut Butter

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