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House of ika

Istanbul-based brand House of IKA is home to sleek, timeless pieces designed and made with careful consideration. Since the simplicity and sustainability is at the core of House of IKA’s our main purpose was to create a modern and a minimal identity representing brand’s goals. The logo is designed using a calligraphic serif typeface. The font is simple yet elegant, with clean lines and a timeless appeal. We also created irregular graphic shapes to refer to the cut parts in the products. As a color palette, we have created a palette that will harmonize with the natural tones used in the products.


As project deliverables we designed collaterals  (business cards, tag design, packaging design, thank you cards, etc.). For print materials we chose craft paper to emphasize the sustainability of the brand.


Overall it was a very fun project. Hope you enjoy this project as much as we do!



Client / House of ika

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