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Artful Puzzles

Artful Puzzles was founded in 2020 by two puzzle and art enthusiasts based in Europe. Their goal has been to curate beautiful artwork from around the world and turn them into amazing puzzles. They believe everyone should be able to experience the beauty of wooden jigsaw puzzles.


The brief was to create a minimalistic identity for the brand and apply it on to the puzzle box designs. Thus we created logotype composed of a serif and a san- serif font. It was simple enough to explain the name but still has details referring to the puzzle shapes. We choose a dominant purplish color with a complimentary soft creme color. It was important to not to have too many colors so that artworks of the puzzles can be visible. On the boxes, we place the colors and the texts as minimalistic as we can.


Overall this project come up to be exactly how we wanted. Hope you enjoy checking out this work as well!


Branding & Packaging

Client / Artful Puzzles

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