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Afra Ahmed

Afra Ahmed is an art studio involved in “affordable art” movement in Turkey, established by a women entrepreneur. She stands against the inaccessibility of art and makes art accessible to everyone. The concept of affordable art emerged from the fact that art could meet the masses directly through social media. It brings her works together with its collectors directly through social media without any intermediaries.


We wanted to create a strong, bold and contemporary brand identity that would be memorable.  That's why we chose the dominant red color and the balancing pale pink color for the color palette. As logomark, we converted the artist's signature into vector and designed a logotype that would be catchy but at the same time would not stray from minimalism. We also assigned some shapes inspired from Matisse as a graphical elements which makes the identity fun.


Hope you enjoy this project as much as we do!



Client / Afra Ahmed

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